Colorations histologiques

Histological staining

Standard staining, special staining and histochemistry staining techniques

At Bioalternatives, we offer more than thirty standard (topographic) histological and special (descriptive) staining techniques.

These staining processes are carried out after a thorough preparation of samples and slides.

– With routine standard staining techniques, tissue morphology (structure, organization, dimension / nucleus, cytoplasm, collagen fibers) can be examined and tissue integrity or alteration can be evaluated.

Special staining techniques allow us to go further in tissue observation and to visualize particular tissue components (lipids, melanin pigments, elastic fibers etc.).

Some tissue components can be highlighted in situ by using special staining techniques based on biochemical reactions between the dyes and the tissue components.

Please find below a list of available staining techniques. For any special staining request, please contact us.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the histological staining techniques we offer:

Alcian blueMucosubstances / GAGs
Toluidine blueMastocytes
Fontana MassonMelanin
Gordon SweetReticulin fibres
GrocottFungal microorganisms
Hematoxyline/eosineNuclei, cytoplasmic structures
HeroviciMature & immature collagen
LunaElastic fibres
Masson TrichromeCollagen
MowryMucosubstances/GAGs, collagen
Nile redLipids
Sudan BlackLipids
Oil RedLipids
Orcein safranElastic fibres
PAS (Periodic Acid Schiff)Glycogen, mucin, collagen
Silverman-Movat PentachromeElastic fibres, muscle fibres, mucosubstances/GAGs, collagen
Alizarine Red
Sirius Red Collagen
Van GiesonCollagen
Von KossaCalcium
Warthin StarryMelanin